Monday, May 1st, 2000

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My gardening help......Myrtle chases off marauding squirrels.
Golden tulips, grape hyacinths and dandelions by herb garden.

Open full, these always reminded me of a golden chalice.

Bee's eye view.
Closed at the end of the day, petals have a very fine red edge.

The grape hyacinths are much more purple in reality. I only have 3 of these left. The squirrels love to dine on them.

Another bee's eye view.

Blooms on my Northstar cherry tree. Blooms on my Stella cherry tree. It will be loaded with fruit.

The honey bees were working very hard. So many flowers! A patch of wild violets in the shady area behing the red crab apple tree.

The violets are more purple in reality. Tight buds on the red crab apple tree. Blooms are short-lived.

Tight buds on yellow crab apple tree. Flowers for about 1 week. Close-up of tight buds on the yellow crab apple tree.

Yellow crab apple tree.....this year's buds and last year's fruit. More Northstar cherry blooms.

Cherry and Apple blossoms are my favorite flowers. As this is my garden journal I choose to have lots of pictures of my favorites......redundant or not!

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